Colour Loves Dark Skin Tones 

Lancôme is known for it‘s diversity – catering to women of all colours with a variety of tones.
Since I’ve been with the brand, I’ve been experimenting and in the process discovered new ways of using the products, resulting in new ways to enhance the already beautiful work it does on my skin.
I’m a dark skin woman and I find that not a lot of brands give me choices to play with different hues of colour, that suits me! Starting with the Ultra Wear foundations, the L’Absolu Rouge lipstick range, Hypnose eyeshadow palettes…..just to name a few of my favourites. Having mentioned the above, the one product I can’t live without is Blush Subtil

I use ‘Rouge in Love’ 032 and ‘Rose Indien’ 022, these two blushes are perfect for many dark skin ladies because it’s pigmented and buildable – perfect for the Insta trend…draping! Or simply to add warmth and definition on the face. 

At first I didn’t think these colours would suit me but now I can honestly say I’m in love and I always use these on my deeper tone dolls – as a makeup artist. Customers have reacted the same way I did when I tried these out! 

Shop the look :

Hope this is super helpful and if you have questions about dark skin dolls….don’t hesitate to ask 
Christelle XoXo

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