A Lasting DIY Manicure

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Hope you all well? Cannot believe it’s been 4 months since my last post!

A lot has changed in my life since, however the good always outweighs the bad. Finally started my mobile beauty business…YAY. Not easy but what business is? I find that it is very important to use the best products for maximum results and for building client relationship, so this post is about tips on a good manicure; I hope you find the tips helpful.

The DIY manicure… It is important you invest in a really good Base Coat and Top Coat Nail Polish.

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The best one on the market is the Essie Base Coat Nail Polish, Beauty therapists use it and I personally think it’s the best and only costs £5.95.

We find using a base coat extends the life of a manicure, because it acts as an adhesive. Giving the polish an even surface and prevents dark colours staining your nails.

The Top Coat Nail Polish by Seche Vite is absolutely amazing, fast drying and only costs £5.95.

Top Coats seals your polish after the second coat and to keep them looking fresh, apply top coat every 2 days to keep nails sealed.

Wear gloves when cleaning to prevent chipping, not using gloves when using detergents and cleaning products lacking in vitamins.

Keep nails hydrated with cuticle oil; however avoid applying cuticle oil and cream before the manicure to prevent any oil being left on the nail bed. Also applying the cuticle after, whilst you are waiting for your nails to dry the oil acts as a treatment leaving you cuticle hydrated.


Hope this post has been helpful and hope you have lasting manicures. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Stay beautiful inside and out! X


Future looking Bright!

Hey Beauties 😃

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you all what’s new with Dauphine Diaries. Juggling is a struggle, had writers block for a while and got lost in the whirlwind of life! Found my niche and excited to share this new chapter in my life, this platform allows me to express what is happening and how I juggle raising my two little angels the (twins), work, Beauty training and now the Specialist Makeup course. Now this course is what I’ve always wanted to do comibine my passions Film, Theatre and TV with Makeup artistry my future is looking brighter than ever! Want to keep this short and sweet so won’t bore you with its details however this blog will be all about the juggle and hopefully will be of help and maybe inspire! I’m so thankful to all my followers, that have joined me on this journey and hope you guys enjoy my posts! Watch this space because there’s more to come! 

Wish you all a great week and speak soon! 😘 Stay beautiful inside out!