Monday Blues

Hi Dolls,

Hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was busy with the twins, work and being a Stepford wife. The juggle is real!

In relation to the post I previously wrote on Spring 2016 trends; lets get on the topic of one of the hottest trends – the bright blue eye shadows, cobalt, navy, cerulean, teal…the list goes on! There is so much more theory when it comes to colours, so I will try to keep this post short, sweet and as  informative as possible.

The key thing about this trend is finding the right blue for your skin tone and eye colour. Blue is a cool colour so this will compliment different undertones quite well. The colours we see depend on the colour of the light source, also considering different ingredients used in eye shadows have filters that can reflect a different colour in the light. Have you ever noticed when you get your foundation done at a make up counter in a department store it always looks different in day light?!! Well, natural daylight will give off a bluish tone and artificial lighting will give off a yellowish tone and fluorescent light gives off a green tone. This is why I always do my makeup in daylight it reflects my true skin tone/undertone. Also remember that when you buy a colour with the same name from different manufactures, the colour will never be the same.

Putting a brighter colour in the inner corner of the eye opens the eye out, making it seem larger. Where as darker colours close a space in. So lets avoid the darker blues around the inner corners of the eye. I’ve made up a list of the good Blues out there!


  1. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow – Dreamy £11.95
  2. Nars Dual- Intensity Eye Shadow in Cressida £21, available on the 15th of January 2016
  3. H&M Eye Shadow Peacock £4.99
  4. Dior 5 Colour Eye shadow Palette – Carre Blue £42
  5. Cle De Peau Powder Eye Colour Solo £33, available on February 2016


Cerlean Blue

I hope you found this post informative and helpful, I always enjoy trying out trends and adapting it to my features because you should never just follow trends but rather make them suite you.

P.S. Stay beautiful inside and out! X.



Hi Guys and Dolls, 🙂

I’m sorry that I have been MIA lately, still trying to find a balance and making time for my blog, beauty training and launching my Unfranchiased business. The beauty school (LCBT) has 15 units to cover that have taken most of time studying/practice; I really love it! So far I’ve covered day, night and occasion make up, body art, French plait, fish plait and facial techniques, which I’m pretty confident in, plus practice, makes perfect! There still so much more to learn and I cannot wait, also I do not want to bore you with all the terms so will show you the stuff that I’ve covered so far. I will make sure to carry on posting as often as I used to and hope you beauties are still enjoying my blog!


Khloe Kardashian inspired this occasion make up I did for Ana she was going to a wedding! Keeping the Smokey eye very minimal, using browns and 3 different shades of gold, with eyeliner top and bottom, double lashes and bright red lipstick, cheek contour and blush to finish off the look. Hair Styled using Halo Extensions, her hair is in a bob! So I went for half up hairstyle with loose curls.



Body Art Hand Animals, zebras and a swan guess which ones mine…The Toucan. Body Art Robot Leg, that was my first attempt!


My professional facial set up! Also my first attempt doing a fish plait, first I practice on the doll and then plaited on Katie.

There will be a lot more posts in greater detail on how to and I’m so thankful for my lovely followers that have joined me on this wonderful journey, also I hope to gain many more new followers. Please do feel free to comment or ask questions, always happy to hear from all you Guys and Dolls ;-). X


Eyes like a Pro

Hi Beauties, 🙂

They do say the eyes are the windows to your soul, knowing the type of eyes you have, is easy to enhance the natural features. So by applying eye shadow according to your eye shape does wonders, this post will basically break it down for you and hope you ladies find it useful.


Wide-Set Eyes

Is more than one eye-length apart, like Kate Moss eyes and applying darker colours in the inner-corners of the eye.

Proportioned Eyes

Are equally measured all over like Cameron Diaz eyes, meaning the lower and upper lids are about the same size. Eyes are one eye-length apart, emphasise where the natural crease.

Close-Set Eyes

Is less than one eye length apart, like Jennifer Aniston’s eyes. So applying darker colours on the outer corners of the eyes.


wide and close set eyes chart

Deep-Set Eyes

Look like Kim Kardashian West, has a brow that is more visible and prominent, eyes are set back. So keep the colours light.

balanced eyes


Small Eyes

Have a short distance between upper and lower lashes, a bit like Jessica Biel. Light colours to lighten and emphasise lash line.

small eyes


Vanishing Lid

Have lids that disappear when eyes are open, similar to some oriental ladies. The lids have a flat ample plane, so by applying darker colour from the lash line and gradually lighter at the top.



Hope this has been helpful, and do feel free to contact me about any make up/skin care related topic you would like me to cover. Stay beautiful 😉 X.


3 Make Up Secrets…

Hi Dolls, 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! I would like to share make up tricks, I got from some of my girlfriends and will share tricks that I’ve been using. Hope you find them helpful.

A blush helps and defines your cheekbones, so consider your face shape when applying blusher.


Sometimes eye shadows can look dull at times, try using a white eye shadow as base, and apply a colour of your choice it creates contrast and that vibrant look.

Making your lips fuller, by applying lip liner a little over the your natural line. Then apply lipstick to fill the rest of your lips, this trick is awesome it will make your lips look fuller instantly.

What is your favourite make up secret? Happy Monday 😉 X