Monday Blues

Hi Dolls,

Hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was busy with the twins, work and being a Stepford wife. The juggle is real!

In relation to the post I previously wrote on Spring 2016 trends; lets get on the topic of one of the hottest trends – the bright blue eye shadows, cobalt, navy, cerulean, teal…the list goes on! There is so much more theory when it comes to colours, so I will try to keep this post short, sweet and as  informative as possible.

The key thing about this trend is finding the right blue for your skin tone and eye colour. Blue is a cool colour so this will compliment different undertones quite well. The colours we see depend on the colour of the light source, also considering different ingredients used in eye shadows have filters that can reflect a different colour in the light. Have you ever noticed when you get your foundation done at a make up counter in a department store it always looks different in day light?!! Well, natural daylight will give off a bluish tone and artificial lighting will give off a yellowish tone and fluorescent light gives off a green tone. This is why I always do my makeup in daylight it reflects my true skin tone/undertone. Also remember that when you buy a colour with the same name from different manufactures, the colour will never be the same.

Putting a brighter colour in the inner corner of the eye opens the eye out, making it seem larger. Where as darker colours close a space in. So lets avoid the darker blues around the inner corners of the eye. I’ve made up a list of the good Blues out there!


  1. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow – Dreamy £11.95
  2. Nars Dual- Intensity Eye Shadow in Cressida £21, available on the 15th of January 2016
  3. H&M Eye Shadow Peacock £4.99
  4. Dior 5 Colour Eye shadow Palette – Carre Blue £42
  5. Cle De Peau Powder Eye Colour Solo £33, available on February 2016


Cerlean Blue

I hope you found this post informative and helpful, I always enjoy trying out trends and adapting it to my features because you should never just follow trends but rather make them suite you.

P.S. Stay beautiful inside and out! X.


I’m no longer in Training…I am!

Hi Beauties, 🙂

Will try  to keep this short! As some of you may know that i have been on the journey of becoming a makeup artist. I started the course in April 2015 and it is almost coming to an end, i’ve picked up a lot of skills, technical and theoretical! But you can not be taught how to be  creative, that is something that comes through when you have found your niche and that passion in something you love! My point is finding the kind of makeup artist you want to be! Yes professionalism is number 1, but being unique and yourself will reflect on your work! I’m the creative type, i feel like it  allows you to explore and challenge yourself, always try something different! During my training I’ve been constantly trying out things, that are not  in my comfort zone. However i have learned from that and i’m ready to take the next step, I’m no longer  a training makeup artist! I’m Christelle the makeup artist, i realised that yesterday when I organised a  photo shoot in Last Shot Studios London, for my portfolio, which consisted a variety in my work; beauty looks such as bridal and trending looks i suppose! Well you guys can be the judge of that when i release the pictures during my website launch! I like to think i’m quite good editorial/high fashion looks. Anyway I had a great crew, models, photographer and a fantastic studio. However i’m constantly learning, now i know what i need to do differently for my next shoot. I’m my biggest critic! will show you my favourite look i would like to recreate for my next shoot!


This look was inspired by Sam Francis painting at The Tate Modern!

blue brows & lips

The colours and the spaces of this painting just drew me in! and i choose to do it on Katie because of her fair complexion so would like to have this professionally photographed and add white lashes top and bottom to finish off the look.

I hope you beauties have enjoyed this post! Please feel free to get in touch or comment! And will speak again soon, stay beautiful inside and out! XoX


Not Sexy….chapped lips

Hi Beauties 😃

Winter is coming so protecting yourself from the cold is a standard procedure! I’ve noticed that my lips get dryer than usual during the winter, causing them to ‘chap’ and  my lipstick or gloss makes it worse!!! And sometimes using lip blam before applying your favourite matte lipstick causes it to  shine! Or it feels greasy with your normal lipstick! This season I’ve decided to ditch my lipstick and opt for lip liner and gloss! I use vitamin E or C lip treatment before applying lip liner and then finish it off with my non sticky lip gloss from Motives cosmetics! Yes NOT Sticky lip gloss…I stand by it as many customers who know the brand would back me up on this! The vitamin E or C  keeps them moisturised without the greasy feeling, in fact Motives Cosmetics  has a range of lip treatments to suit ones need!  So keeping your lips luscious this season is an essential!



Motives Retro Red Lip Liner £12.50

Motives Vitamin C lip treatment £14.00

Motives Vitamins E lip treatment £14.00

Motives Pucker Up lip plumper- diamond £13.50

I hope you dolls keep your lips luscious this season! Stay beautiful inside out. 😘