The Perfect Coverage

Hi Dolls,

Hope you’ve all been well? Keeping wrapped up and  warm this winter. I have mixed feelings about the winter, sometimes I love it and other times I loath it. A client recently asked me for tips about the right make up for her and realising how many clients have asked the same question, I thought to write about the basics starting with foundation. My skin normally needs  more moisture during this icy weather, so that means I normally have two foundations, one for summer and the other for the winter. I know that sounds really silly but it’s the truth! Firstly, your skin type changes due to environmental factors. Mine is a combination of normal/oily during the summer and dry/normal during the winter.

So choosing the right foundation is very important not only for coverage purposes but for your skin type. It is also a combination of knowing what properties the foundation has, that will be suitable for your skin. There are 11 types of foundations, in different shades, brands, occasions and skin types. Knowing what you are looking for in a foundation is key. I will try to keep this post short and sweet!

Always prep your skin well before applying foundation, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Make sure you wait for a couple of minutes before and after applying a primer, so the moisturiser penetrates in the skin, whilst the primer shields your skin and then apply your favourite coverage.

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Camouflage Foundation

  • Suitable for all skin types, provides excellent full coverage without looking thick and cakey! It has high pigment content and the product is water resistant and excellent for covering hyperpigmentation,  hypopigmentation, erythema, bruising, scars, birthmarks and tattoos. This product is available on the NHS for some conditions.

Airbrush Foundation (silicone based) & (alcohol based)

  • Suitable for all skin types, where as the alcohol based  is used on the body rather than the face.
  • Provides full coverage and light texture, very natural looking coverage (silicone based). Used to fill in pores and fine lines. I think this is perfect for Brides.
  • Highly pigmented for full long lasting coverage and this is non-transferable so will not smudge when rubbed (alcohol based).

2in1 Foundation

  • Suitable for oily skin because of the high powder content, that help absorb the oils.
  • contains powder producers or a small amount of mineral oil, talc and kaolin pigments.
  • Medium to heavy coverage with a matte finish and it last long on the skin.

Mousse Foundation

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • This gives a light, sheer coverage with a natural looking finish.
  • Pigment, minerals, wax titanium, dioxide cerasin. This is available in either oil or water base.

High Definition Foundation

  • Suitable for normal,combination or dry skin types and oily skin types will need to be powdered very well.
  • It provides full coverage with a natural finish, similar to airbrush foundation.
  • Silicone and strong pigment.

Liquid Foundation (oil or water)

  • suitable for normal or combination skin. Matte/ medicated foundations are available for oily or greasy skin types.
  • It has a shorter working time on application in comparison to cream foundation.
  • Light coverage semi-matte finish. Good for light, natural look in photos and on screen.
  • Pigments, minerals, wax titanium dioxide cerasin.

Cream Foundation (water in oil)

  • Suitable for most skin types, as it keeps the skin extra- moisturised.
  • Medium coverage and they normally come in compact and pan stick forms.
  • This foundation contains a higher oil content, with pigment, minerals, wax, titanium and dioxide cerasin. Not recommended for oily skin types, It is long lasting when used with translucent powder.

Tinted Moisturiser, Gel & Self Tan 

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • the tinted moisturiser gives a natural coverage, great to use on men and children for that very natural effect.
  • the tinted gel provides a very light coverage, a transparent coverage for that sun-kissed and healthy glow finish.
  • Self tan gives a sheer coverage, giving you a tanned glow when applied properly.
  • Liquid foundation, moisturise humectants, oil, water and added pigments (Tinted Moisturiser).
  •  Water, alcohol, pigment and titanium dioxide (Tinted Gel).
  • Pigments in water a water based gel (Tinted self tan).

I hope you beauties find this post helpful, please feel free to comment, follow or share!  Stay beautiful inside & out. X

1234 Step Skincare

1234 Step Skincare

Hi Dolls, 🙂

Your skin care regime should be as strict as you can, 123 steps; double cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. Also exfoliate and a mask is a must 1-2 times a week. The 4th step I just made up! Is night cream….Yes guys everyone should use night cream. Reasons why because at night your skin is in rest mode and repairs itself, in line with biorhythms and sleep patterns. Therefore a night cream is to support and make it more efficient at maintaining a healthy complexion.

Night creams contain ingredients that aid the regeneration process such as ceramides, which trigger collagen production and vitamins A, C, E or B5.

The current night cream I’m using at the moment is good, Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin night cream; £5. 25 at Boots, Also this is fantastic for sensitive skin and those who like natural skin care, no perfume or alcohol in any of their Skin range. At first I thought this was a way for the industry to get us spending more, however I’ve been using a night cream for about 2 months now and I can see and feel the benefits. I have recommended many of my clients, friends and family, just make sure you get one for your skin type.


Stay beautiful inside out! 😉 X


Summer Problem 2; Bikini Line Up Keep

Hi Dolls, 🙂


Holiday/Summer season is here; the bikini area is exposed whether you opt for a one-piece or two piece. So that necessary up keep, can sometimes have the irritating side effects such as INGROWN hairs and the general painful wax! I have gathered some tips that usually work for me. Shaving with a sharp blade, every other day and using a calming gel like aloe-vera or the Aveeno’s oatmeal-based gel. Also what helps wriggle out those irritating ingrown hairs, is using a salicylic acid scrub, can be found in some face wash, make sure when using it around that area it’s for sensitive skin, or topical antibiotic like Evoclin foam. For those whom prefer waxing without the sting, try the BareEase & Cream Prep Kit; I have not tried that one out yet! Plan to. I hope you Beauties are enjoying my Summer series, stay tuned and please feel free to comment or ask questions. Stay FABULOUS, 😉 X.

bikini line



Hi Guys and Dolls, 🙂

I’m sorry that I have been MIA lately, still trying to find a balance and making time for my blog, beauty training and launching my Unfranchiased business. The beauty school (LCBT) has 15 units to cover that have taken most of time studying/practice; I really love it! So far I’ve covered day, night and occasion make up, body art, French plait, fish plait and facial techniques, which I’m pretty confident in, plus practice, makes perfect! There still so much more to learn and I cannot wait, also I do not want to bore you with all the terms so will show you the stuff that I’ve covered so far. I will make sure to carry on posting as often as I used to and hope you beauties are still enjoying my blog!


Khloe Kardashian inspired this occasion make up I did for Ana she was going to a wedding! Keeping the Smokey eye very minimal, using browns and 3 different shades of gold, with eyeliner top and bottom, double lashes and bright red lipstick, cheek contour and blush to finish off the look. Hair Styled using Halo Extensions, her hair is in a bob! So I went for half up hairstyle with loose curls.



Body Art Hand Animals, zebras and a swan guess which ones mine…The Toucan. Body Art Robot Leg, that was my first attempt!


My professional facial set up! Also my first attempt doing a fish plait, first I practice on the doll and then plaited on Katie.

There will be a lot more posts in greater detail on how to and I’m so thankful for my lovely followers that have joined me on this wonderful journey, also I hope to gain many more new followers. Please do feel free to comment or ask questions, always happy to hear from all you Guys and Dolls ;-). X

The benefits you receive from facials…

The benefits you receive from facials…

Hi Beauties, 😃

This coming week I will be practiccing facial techniques on my peers, so excited! Will keep you posted! Still in the process to get my kit, as you know things like that requires money! Especially when you want quality for your clients. However today’s post will try to keep the details short and sweet, so you ladies know the benefits your skin receives when getting facials. 

Cleanser- It doesn’t only remove dirt and make up on your skin, but it nourishes and re-hydrates the skin.

Exfoliator/Face Scrub- Brightens skin and gives you a more even skin tone, leaving it smooth.

Warming the skin with Steamer/Towels- This allows products to penetrate in the deeper layers of the skin, as it relaxes pores for extraction. With the steamer the treatment is more beneficial to the skin because the products and the client have greater benefits.

Massage- Is obviously relaxing for the client, it improves circulation and the fresh nutrients are distributed to  the skin cells to promote healthy cells.

Face Mask- Rehydrates, purify and removes impurities from the skin. This kind of deep cleanse adds moisture and can help to dry out oily skin, can also help to soothe.

Toner- Leaves skin refreshed and revitalised and re-stores the ph balance of the skin and tightens pores.

Specialised eye cream/serum and face moisturiser-  Moisturising  the eye and face area adds collagen and elastin to the skin, protecting the skin from environmental factors.

So I would recommend you beauty bunnies to get facials every 8weeks max depending on your skin type. Sometimes it’s just nice to pamper your skin when you can, it’s all about healthy skin cells. 😉 X.



Hi my Beauties, 🙂

I have not had a chance to post lately because, I’m preparing my self for a new set of skills I’m adding to my ‘achievements’. I will be taking a Beauty course at the London College of Beauty Therapy in Oxford Circus, starting next week. I’m super excited and I really hope all of you Dolls will join me on this journey! I will share everything that I’ve learned with you all, skin care treatments, lashes treatments, make up tips, and will be posting tutorials of how-to’s on my YouTube channel. Which I will put the link up as soon as possible, and please feel free to contact me if you queries about everything and anything on beauty! Can not wait to start sharing with you all!!!


Will keep you posted! Have a great Good Friday and a Happy Easter 😉 X.


“Perfect Brows” at home

Hi Beautiful Dolls, 🙂

In the past I was never able to get my ideal brow shape, I am not blessed with the thick, full beautiful brows that the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have. It still takes practice to get them perfect. Therefore, I would like to share some tips, from multiple sources that I’ve been gathering. I will try to be precise and hopefully helpful.


To begin, always wash your tweezers with antibacterial soap. Then, prep your skin by placing a hot towel over the area to open up your pores. Then visualise your brow shape before you start. Always make sure that the front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose.


After drawing your desired eyebrow shape, use a spoolie brush to coax hairs up for lift and volume. Remove unwanted hairs with a slanted tipped tweezers, unless you’re a professional, only tweeze underneath the brow. If you accidentally pluck into the arch, it brings the brow down instead of lifting it up. So make sure you occasionally step back from the mirror to check your work, otherwise you lose perspective on what shape your brows should actually be.



By holding your tweezers against the front of the brow and the inner arch, to see what is missing. Because the bottom portion of your brow, is the most crucial area to fill, so closing the gaps using a brow/powder or pencil to add pigment in the area between the front-end and inner arch. Using eyebrow kits are very handy.


Unless you have to, and if you need to check, by using a spoolie brush, comb hairs upward at an angle, in the direction of the brow. If any hairs are noticeably longer than others or hang over the edge then snip carefully.


Repeat the same techniques on brow number two and keep in mind that the brows should have a symmetrical look, and you want the tops of the arches to be at the same point. I still struggle a little with this, but practice makes perfect.


Once you’re finished, soothe your skin with aloe to avoid ingrown hairs. And when you ready dust a bit of translucent powder over arches to set the brow pencil. This will help soak up the natural oils on your skin and keep your eyebrows looking freshly groomed.


Did my brows yesterday, should of taken before pictures sorry! What are your secrets for DIY brows? No-One wants bushy brows 😉 X.



The “supernatural skin” trend starts within!

Hey Ladies, spring is here and summer is around the corner, so now it’s the perfect time to work on getting your skin looking “supernatural”, Join me on this journey to get the glow.

Avoiding Long Steamy Showers & Exfoliate Every Day

Face brushes

Long, hot showers strip the skin of its moisture and wash away its protective oils. So limit your showers to 10 minutes and keep the water cool. Use a exfoliate face brush every day to keep ingrown hairs and scaly skin under control. Gently scrubbing in circular motion to remove dead skin cells. My top 2 is the Clinique Sonic System and the affordable option is The Soap & Glory face exfoliates brush.


Applying Aloe Vera Gel Daily & Cooking with Garlic Everyday

T:W post 2

The acids in aloe, eats away at dead skin cells and speed up the healing process. Buy a pre-prepared product, Forever Aloe Vera Gelly or cut the end off of an aloe leaf, split it open and spread the gel on the dry areas. I cook with garlic everyday before I found this out, but apparently, Danish studies, found that it has so many healthy substances that among other things keeps our skin cells happy. Hence, people who tend to eat garlic everyday, look healthier and more youthful. Plus, garlic extract dramatically inhibited the growth of cancerous skin cells.


Drinking Plenty of Orange Juice & Take Multivitamins Daily


Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, essential for the manufacture of collagen, which helps to keep the skin smooth and youthful. Other foods rich in vitamin C include guava, kiwi fruit and red peppers. Drinking plenty of water also helps keeping clearer skin, if you’re not a fan of orange juice. Many nutrients are vital to healthy skin, including vitamins C, A and B. The most reliable way to get them all is to eat healthy, as well as taking daily supplements.


Keeping Your Hands off Your Face & Change Your Moisturiser Every Season


Because your hands touch so many surfaces, they are a magnet for dirt and germs. Rub your eyes, stroke your chin, cup your cheek, and you’ve transferred everything on your hands to your face, avoiding touching your face wont be easy. Every time the seasons change, replace your moisturiser.The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + is good for very dry to dry combination skin but it is light, if the cold season dries out your skin as it does mine. Your skin needs more moisture in the winter than in summer. So when it’s time to wear a heavy coat, it’s time to buy a heavier moisturiser. When you swap your coat for a Tee, switch to a lighter moisturiser.


Getting Rid of Excess Oil & Choose Cosmetics Carefully


De-shine your face by periodically dabbing on loose powder to blot excess oil. Don’t use pressed powder, which actually contains oil as an ingredient. Keep your beauty products simple, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Stay away from anything with colour or fragrance, always check the label and know what you using on your skin.
Booking your Facials


Getting facials, only help if you also do the work to maintain a good skin regime, my beauty therapist recommend facials every 4-6 weeks or even up to 8 weeks depending on your skin needs, for this glowing complexion. Speak to your beauty therapist who will carry out skin analysis. The right facial for your skin needs can effectively improve skin tone, tighten the skin and remove blotches. However if your complexion just needs a touch up, or you just need a bit of pampering, then a basic facial including cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and extractions will be sufficient.


P.S Ladies Download Wahanda App, if you haven’t, it’s free and gives you a list of beauty venues, Spas, Nails etc. and prices, around your local area!


Here’s to Glowing skin 😉 X


Primers Primers

Hi, everyone hope you all had a wonderful weekend 🙂

I went on a mission to find a good primer for my skin, over the weekend and was really not sure how much I was willing to pay for a primer. So I did my research and also found a list on Vogue UK readers had voted for top ten primers, comment if you agree or disagree. Also if theres any others that you would like to recommend.

Primers come in different hues to address specific skin concerns and skin tone.

  • A green coloured primer will combat redness from acne or rosacea.
  • A mauve/light purple counteracts sallow undertones.
  • A pink primer helps brighten complexions.

And also you have to consider your skin type, whether it is oily, sensitive or a combination then choose a primer that is suited for those needs. Once you’ve got the right one for your skin, apply the primer AFTER all your moisturiser. It’s like waterproofing your skin, according to Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist in the US. Because if you apply the primer before your day cream or sunscreen, as those products are water based it can’t penetrate through to reach your skin. So smoothing the primer last will allow the moisturiser to absorb and the primer creates a slick canvas for your makeup!

Top Ten Primers

  1. SmashBox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, £25; available at Its been doing so well, that the brand has launched an entire range of alternative versions to suit every different skin type and requirements.
  2. Benefit The Porefessional, £24.50; available at Makes large pores look
    less noticeable, its an oil-free formula and long-lasting results that it has been Benefit bestseller since its launched in 2011.
  3. Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, £33. Call 0207 493 3836 for stockists. It manages to mattify skin whilst also providing a dewy glow without any sparkle or shimmer in it, as well as evening out discoloured areas.
  4. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance. £29; available at Radiance, this primer is all about luminous and youthful skin. Use it all over for a dewy glow, or apply on bridge of the nose, cheekbones and the forehead for a subtle but noticeable radiance.
  5. Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Dullness In Deeper Skins. £20; available at has six ranges of trouble-shooting primers each targeting different skin concerns, from sallowness to redness.
  6. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF15. £52; available at It has SPF protection, its a lightweight primer, glides easily, leaving a velvety finish and keeping makeup in place all day.
  7. Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Matité. £10.99; available This is for shiny skin, as its a mattifying formula, which refines pores and smooth’s skin for easy makeup application with out the caking.
  8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. £16; available Its a eye makeup primer, its easy to apply and keeps your eyeliner from smudging and keeping your shadow from creasing.
  9. MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. £29.50; available This beauty classic promotes even skin tone and creates the ideal base for makeup and reduces oiliness.
  10. Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer. £40; available at this primer brings together multiple plant extracts and vitamins to moisturise, nourish and protects. This is a primer you can apply on bare skin after you’ve cleansed and tone.


The pictures of the primers are not in the oder listed above, and belong to Vogue UK.

Protect your canvas 😉 X


wash your make-up brushes.

It is so important to keep your make-up brushes clean, especially if you used them everyday. You don’t have to buy special soap for that you can simply use daily shampoo! Plus this also keeps your skin clear from clogged pores and spots.

Good hygiene, great skin X

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