Natur’ Amour Natural Skincare

Hi dolls,

Hope everyone had a great weekend? Cannot believe it is the second week of February already! Valentines day this Sunday…to be honest for me Valentines Day is not a big deal. The hubbster and me had a pact when we started dating, that everyday is Valentines Day! However I did go to a ladies night event, with my girl, ‘A Diva’s Night Out (Valentines Edition)’. It was a nice girlie night out, cocktails, and sexy lingerie to look at and of course skincare products for sale, any beauty bloggers dream! So will try and keep this short and sweet.

Natur’ Amour is a holistic brand, created by Marie-Claude owner of The Essence of Esther Ltd. She created this line because she started having acne issues, in doing so she was determined to find the root to her acne problem. Certain products she would use was making the problem worse, out of frustration and not finding anything that worked for her, Marie-Claude was doing her research, finding that her diet was also a contribution to her acne. To cut long story short she created Natur’ Amour – created for women of colour suffering from acne. The products are made out of natural ingredients such as Papaya oil, Jojoba oil, Bamboo, Hydrosol, Cranberry extract, Manuka and Vitamin C, among other ingredients.



The products are free from parabens, petrochemical, sulphates, mineral oils, hydroquinone and synthetics ingredients. The irony is a lot of the products we use on our skin contain these nasty chemical. Her products use ECOCERT approved preservatives, also because they are freshly made they expire 3 to 6 months after manufacturing. The brand is ethical even down to the containers – made of violet glass, which has unique properties to help preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients, by blocking any visible light.

What I love about this brand is the simplicity of the products, the line has 3 introductory products for normal/combination and oily skin types; Unscented Goat’s milk Soap, Brightening Day Cream and Rebalancing Serum. More products to come.



Unscented Goat’s milk Soap; Helps nourish and rejuvenate the skin, its anti-bacterial properties helps slow down the organisms that spread skin conditions like acne.

Brightening Day Cream; is my favourite, the smell is refreshing and the texture is light but moisturising, leaving your skin soft without the greasy feel. With the ingredients, like vitamin c and white lily oil working together to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots, and brighten skin complexion. The bergamot essential oil acts as an antiseptic and has healing properties for skin regeneration.

Rebalancing Serum; The serum is a night treatment oil, the serum contains purifying, and anti-inflammatory properties, that help to regulate the sebum production, great for oily skin.

Natur’ Amour Mission Statement

“Our values are based on quality, integrity and concern for the wellbeing of our customers. We use our hands to craft. It’s our labour of love. That’s because we care. We aim to educate on the benefits to switch to safe skincare and adapt a toxic free lifestyle for great beauty from the inside out!”



I’ve just started using the Brightening Cream and the Rebalancing Serum, it’s only been a few days, and I can already feel and see a difference. Natural is the best way forward. Click the links above to shop and more information on Marie-Claude and Natur’ Amour. Please do comment or share. Stay beautiful inside and out. X